Horton Nursery
Horton Nursery
great plants. great prices. recycled pots.

Horton Nursery is as 'local' as they come, tucked into a corner of western Suffolk on the family farm. We get out of bed in the morning because we love to grow plants for the nice people of Suffolk and our neighboring counties. The loamy smell of the greenhouse goes great with coffee. We sell only healthy, locally-grown plants in recycled pots and we love to see the pots coming back for a refill! 

If you love plants, or you know any good knock-knock jokes, give us a call and we'll hook you up!


Our Plants:  Fresh as, well... a daisy!

IMG_0977 (71).JPG

Our Pots: responsibly recycled.

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Our Prices: Best Bang for the Buck... if we do say so ourselves.

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Yes! Of course we do wholesale! Call for information on what's available.

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